Executive Management and Scientific Advisory Board

The Company's management and corporate governance strategy is to attract and employ a seasoned and top-quality management team. This includes an Executive Management team made up of members with a proven track record of success and direct core experience in the field.

Scientific Advisory Board

ECI has recruited academic scientists with stellar research and clinical reputations in their fields in order to support our research and product development goals.

Executive Management Team

John H. Copanos, CEO and Founder
Mr. Copanos began his career in Baltimore, Md., working at Enzytek, Ltd., an API manufacturer of Beta-lactam antibiotics. He then joined Consolidated Pharmaceuticals Inc., eventually ascending to Director of Sales and Marketing. In 2000, Mr. Copanos founded Kirk Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an OTC solid and liquid-dose manufacturing firm. In 2004 Mr. Copanos founded his second company, Andapharm LLC, a solid-dose specialty manufacturer focusing on controlled substances and HRT products. In 2006, the two companies – with combined annual sales of approximately $18 million – were sold to a publicly traded company.

Ellen Gettenberg, Vice President, Commercial Operations
Ms. Gettenberg began her career in the generic pharmaceutical industry over twenty years ago. Most recently she had served as Director of Marketing at two leading generic pharmaceutical companies where she earned a solid track record with many successful U.S. generic launches. She currently serves as Vice President of Commercial Operations at ECI Pharmaceuticals LLC, where she is responsible for strategic pipeline and portfolio planning, product launches, market analysis and market share growth. Ms. Gettenberg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Math and Economics from Boston University, Boston, MA.

Gregory Jean-Noel, M.D., Clinical Medical Director
Dr. Jean-Noel is a medical doctor with a strong research background. He recently earned a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Strategic Management from Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He served as a Research Assistant at Xavier University of Louisiana and Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, and performed research for Pfizer’s Global Research and Development division. Dr. Jean-Noel earned his Doctor in Medicine degree from Belize Medical College in 2010.

Solomon Goll, Director of Quality and Regulatory
Mr. Goll has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of formulation of IR and SR oral-dosage forms; process scale-up of solid and liquid dosage forms; production management of plants producing oral liquids, solids and topical products; and management of the Quality Systems Unit. He has taken two unapproved drugs through the NDA process via the 505(b)(2) pathway. Mr. Goll holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and a Master of Science in Industrial Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, as well as an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.